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~ the pen that creates your smartboard

This is the place to get the penciil, the infrared pen. Using this pen and a wiimote - a nintendo wii controller - you can use any screen or even a projection on your wall as a digital whiteboard.

To make your own digital whiteboard, follow the next steps:

  1. Get a wiimote
  2. Get the penciil for € 9,95 (incl. batteries, excl. shipping).SOLD OUT
  3. Download and start the software below. Your computer should have bluetooth to connect to the wiimote.
    windows apple linux

Good placement of the wiimote is essential. Place it far enough so the wiimote can see the entire screen, but not too far because you'll lose resolution. Make sure the wiimote can always see the infrared pen.

The mastermind behind this brilliant concept is Johnny Chung Lee. Here's a video of him showing the possibilities. Or check out software that goes great with whiteboards.

Infrared pen Infrared pen Infrared pen

We ship worldwide! See the shipping times to see how long it takes for the penciil to arrive at your address.